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since the 4th edition in 1957, the são paulo biennial takes place at the pavilhão ciccillo matarazzo in the parque do ibirapuera. the pavilion was designed by a team lead by oscar niemeyer and hélio uchôa, and named after francisco (ciccillo) matarazzo sobrinho (1898-1977), the biennial’s founder. the three-storey building provides an exhibition space of 30,000 sqm.

the tallon house designed by stwarchitects in 1969, is a simple steel and glass house with a single span structure, giving clear uninterrupted spaces 12m wide. the gables were closed with concrete brickwork and the entire house was glazed to the north and south with continuous sliding glass panels, set back 1.2m to create a continuous terrace on both sides of the house. 

in tokyo, a building stands as an anachronism in relation to the surrounding landscape. the building in question is the nakagin capsule tower designed by kisho kurokawa (1934 – 2007), one of the leading members of an experimental architectural movement in the 1960s called metabolism. this prototype for life in the 21st Century ultimately proved to be an exception rather than the rule, as the first capsule tower became the last completed in the world.

“my studio pays clear homage to my homeland… it’s nestled between the mountains and the seaside, a situation that we Ligurians are quite accustomed to”

the renzo piano building workshop’s genoa studio is located in punta nave, on the seaside just west of the city of genoa between voltri and vesima.  the rather small complex (approx. 1000 square metres) was built upon a terraced plot of land in 1991.

a concrete air-raid bunker, built in 1942 on the corner of a city block in the berlin mitte district is the home of art collector christian boros and his wife karen. five repetitive stories contain 80 rooms whose neutrality forms a suitable showcase for the client’s contemporary art collection.

courtesy of openhousebcn

"i think this is one of the most beautiful houses i have seen. simple and basic but with its use of space that divides the activities, garage and kitchen together, atrium with dinning that connects this with the living and this double height space that lets the air flow. then with the bedrooms as a block above the open living space below to the garden… simply beautiful"

- openhousebcn.wordpress.com

the little big house is located upon the eastern slopes of mount wellington, in tasmania. positioned close to the curvilinear huon road, the house is defensive and diagrammatic. tucked carefully between cadastral constraints and a magnificent birch tree, the footprint has been kept deliberately small. the dwelling is stacked across two levels which step to match the undulating terrain. it’s just a box.

playland motel in rockaway beach, brooklyn

absolutely love this place, so fucking cute. 

house in sonvico by architetti pedrozzi e diaz saravia in switzerland 


vicente lopez house